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Владимир астраханцев
Потратьте один час своей жизни, запишитесь на приём в ветеринарную клинику и вакцинируйте своё животное против бешенства. ГБУВ МО "Терветуправление №2" +7(495) 668-01-25
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varun dewan
A small step towards eradication of the most fatal virus known to human kind !
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robert leach
By bringing together individuals, communities, organisations, and governments, we can put an end to people dying from this preventable disease.
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Mawi Lumidao
Animals are not a threaten to viral infection which is transmissible to human if we are responsible furparents. Let's get our pets vaccinated and let's love them like our very family
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Rosebelle Gamal-bitao
It is our responsibility as rabies educators to share life saving information to our community. Let's continue educating people about rabies and save lives!
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Mohammed Majeed
Don't give up , let us work together to eliminate rabies from the world , a world free of RABIES 2030.
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Amaan Ghazi
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Catherine Wambua
Don't leave the issue unheard .Do your part and educate the world about it. Let's make the world a better place .one love ❤️
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stephen gacheru
Elimination of dog rabies by 2030 is quite visible. Target population for rabies control and elimination is much too small, compared to Rinderpest and polio. Stephen G. Gacheru Directorate of Veterinary Services Central Veterinary Laboratories KABETE P. O. Box Private Bag 00625 Kangemi Nairobi, K E N Y A Email: [email protected] Phone+254722303302
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I believe if we took the One health concept seriously, we can eliminate rabies completely and give dogs and people healthy wholesome communities. People, Animals, Environment - One Love.
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Rabies control in developing countries is very difficult task to do and one must start this with educating children first so please be a part of GARC and FORCE so easy and effective resources can be utilized and for this i am very thankful to team GARC.
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Donna hernando
Don't be scared of rabies, be aware of it and act accordingly. Don't leave the issue unheared. Let's do our part and educate the WORLD about it. END RABIES!!!!