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vanessa martinez
Rabies is 100% preventable. No one should die from it. Let us educate others and care for our pets to create a rabies-free world!
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Princess anne Curioso
I just can't contain my happiness after receiving my Rabies Educator Certificate from Global Alliance for Rabies Control. I learned a lot from the short course and I am motivated to start the movement with GARC's ERN campaign. If there will be more time, I will also enroll in the other courses they offer. Indeed, this was a very great opportunity! I am excited to share with all of you that I would be organizing a mini-conference for my community about Rabies Awareness. I already spoke with a few health professionals in my town and they are very responsive and helpful. Join the movement now! #EndRabiesNow
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Eva Marie
As an advocate Nurse on fighting Rabies, continuous learning is essential. Global Alliance for Rabies Control Course strengthened my knowledge to serve the community in combating this fatal disease.
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Julián Gastón Caravotta
Fighting against Rabies is my personal and professional mission since 2008, because the death of a child in north Argentina. After that, I have been working to eliminate it.
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Muhammad Shazal
Let's end up Rabies by joining hands together and make us as well as our pets safe from this deadly disease .
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anna wilson
“Let’s not forget that rabies still kills 60,000 people each year and this is a disease that is entirely preventable “-Dr. René.A.Carlson
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Diego Pérez
The Rabies ends in our hands
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Meroua Boudjelti
I'm super excited to start my mission to eradicate this fatal disease by preventing people to vaccinate their animals and vaccinate themselves as well if they was attacked by a dog or a cat with no reason. It's a very heavy responsibility especially as a veterinarian Doctor. Thank you soo much for the amazing course!
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Jaydip Kumar Gupta
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Paras Kunwar
Lets unite together to fight against rabies. Lets start educating public If you have not take this course, go grab it. This is informative and effective one.
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Gouri A G
Prevention is better than cure. Rather than waiting for disease to occur its better to prevent it from occuring.
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Nadya W
Don’t be scared of rabies, be aware of it and act accordingly. Let us unite to fight against rabies.