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mohammad munawar
Educate, Vaccinate, Eliminate
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Shivani Bhalla
This is Kura! He inspired us to start the Kura's Pride programme - working to improve domestic dog welfare through vaccinations and education. Through annual vaccination efforts we can end rabies in northern Kenya - we can do it!
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Enas Shehadeh
Vaccinate and save life
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Mamoona Arshad
Today, safe and efficacious animal and human vaccines are among the significant agents that exist to eradicate human deaths from rabies while awareness is the key driver for the achievement of communities to engage in effective rabies prevention.
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An excellent opportunity to learn and share my knowledge with my friends and family.
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Liza domingo
Together, we will end rabies Share how we can do it Join us and be a rabies educator now
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STOP Rabies Now!! Sustained Teamwork on the Prevention of Rabies, Now!!
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talna gabriel
No more death against rabies because "Vaccines save lives"
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Chidiebere Onoh
Rabies is a deadly disease and is 100% preventable if we work together to spread awareness and also implement vaccination of dogs in our communities. Save a life today by joining the movement to eliminate rabies by the year 2030.
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brian baptista
Ending rabies means saving lives. Be a Rabies Educator and spread the information.
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Hayat Boukhalfa
Très heureuse d'avoir eu l'opportunité de passer ce certificat. En tant que citoyenne je veux contribuer au bien être de ma communauté, en venant en aide aux chiens et chats errants pour qu'ils puissent vivrent en harmonie avec les hommes et qu'ils se sentent en sécurité les uns et les autres. L'ignorance c'est le mal, éduquons nous et éradiquons la rage. MERCI BCHE ET GARC
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Kahina Guezlane
Teach yourself to better teach others.