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Maria Bernascone
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Oryiman Nezan
A world free of rabies is possible, what we need is unity, together we can kick rabies out
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Fatima Sulaiman
If i can achieve this as a nursing mum,you can!yue
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joy isokpan
I am very excited to be a part of this event. Completing the courses has been great and the knowledge I I gained is immeasurable .Prevention of rabies is absolutely better than the cure. Pet owners please get your pets vaccinated by a veterinarian.
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Ariwodo ihunanya
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Tara Brizan
Rabies is fatal!! đź’‰Prevention is better than cure. I think more government involvement, public awareness and educating the younger ones about it, can help speed up the process of eradication.
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Pooja PrAshant Kirtani
#IAmCertified #WorldRabiesDay2021 #FactsNotFear #LearnTheFacts #RabiesFactsNotFear
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Nada Hafez
Stay positive. End Rabies in your country.
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zuzanna czekaj
Education about rabies is very important. As future veterinarians, we should use our knowledge to encourage pets owners to vaccinate their animals prophylactically, to prevent rabies.
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Randa Bazzi
Together to spread awareness toward ending rabies.
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Akosua Kumi Nyarko
The fact that rabies is 100% preventable yet killing 1000s every year hurt. And what even hurts the most is that a lot of people don't have any idea about the disease. This is the time to stop rabies. This certificate is a start. Thank you GRAC.