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Muhammad Shazal
Let's end up Rabies by joining hands together and make us as well as our pets safe from this deadly disease .
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anna wilson
“Let’s not forget that rabies still kills 60,000 people each year and this is a disease that is entirely preventable “-Dr. René.A.Carlson
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Diego Pérez
The Rabies ends in our hands
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Meroua Boudjelti
I'm super excited to start my mission to eradicate this fatal disease by preventing people to vaccinate their animals and vaccinate themselves as well if they was attacked by a dog or a cat with no reason. It's a very heavy responsibility especially as a veterinarian Doctor. Thank you soo much for the amazing course!
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Paras Kunwar
Lets unite together to fight against rabies. Lets start educating public If you have not take this course, go grab it. This is informative and effective one.
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Gouri A G
Prevention is better than cure. Rather than waiting for disease to occur its better to prevent it from occuring.
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Nadya W
Don’t be scared of rabies, be aware of it and act accordingly. Let us unite to fight against rabies.
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Ishwari Joshi
Rabies is a deadly disease that cause thousands of animal deaths every year, and can only be stopped by spreading awareness about it.
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Frederick Tan
There are various illegal activities and little to no information dissemination regarding rabies. FORCE’s campaign on rabies allows us, future leaders, to step up and make a stand aiming One Health by strengthening Human and Animal Public Health and the common Environment. Having the course and graduating as a certified Rabies Educator, it is my responsibility also as one of the ambassadors of IVSA-SCAW to raise awareness within the community—a little progress accomplished by us to make a global impact.
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Aya Şaban
This course has been really informative about rabies and helpful in obtaining effective communication skills. The information and vocabulary used in the course address people of all levels and cultural backgrounds, not only who work in the field of veterinary medicine. What caught my attention the most was how this course provided us with a rabies-related guide for children as well. As a Syrian and IVSA SCAW Ambassador, I'm working on presenting voluntary webinars about animals for children living in the refugee camps, and I believe this guide will be a big help on the rabies topic. I also believe this course is an easy-to-understand course and would definitely be fun for people of all ages.
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Ana Rusescu
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Felizia Wallin
Fighting Rabies is important for the welfare of human and animal alike and therefore everyone with who can should make it a priority to learn and spread awareness about the issue