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Nixon Chebos
Being an animal health practitioner,its my role to educate my community on how to control this zoonotic disease
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Nouasri marouen
Vaccination is the most effective way to eradicate rabies.
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Oluwaponmile ABIODUN
I am certain I am not in this profession by mistake. Therefore, I will give my to Animal health, especially ensuring a safe environment for them to cohabit with humans, starting with Rabies.
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Rabies is a fatal zoonotic disease, you and me have the mandate to eliminate it!
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Hi I am a Japanese Influencer, Fumiya. I want to contribute the rabies elimination in the Philippines by making educational videos(#EndRabieswithFumiya #FumiShunBase). This course provided deep understanding about rabies to me. Hope I can work more on rabies elimination with Filipino friend and GRAC.
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Werna Venter
Carlie Rooivlag Rabies awareness
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Ishban Munawar
As a Vet Student, it's always be honour to work with animals especially pets. Rabies is deadly to companion animals as well as humans, I learn a lot of new things during this period. Thanks to Global Alliance for Rabies control to providing such a fruitful opportunity.
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Olushola Alaga
Let’s all do our bit to make the world a better place for you, for me, and the entire human race. #EndRabies Now! Join the movement.
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together end up dog mediated human rabies by 2030
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Muhammad Umer
Alhamdollilah I Have Done all the 4 Courses of Global Alliance for Rabies Control (Rabies Educator and Healthcare certificate, Animal Handling and Vaccination Certificate, And got a Certificate as a Community Coordinator For Rabies) Eager To work hard to Eliminate this Deadly Zoonotic Disease from Pakistan, Insha Allah
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End rabies now. Join the campaign. Certified rabies instructor. Dr. Henrietta Bolanle Ojuri.
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JANVI Aggarwal
Mahatma Gandhi once said, "Greatness of nation and its moral progress can be judges by the way its animals are treated", and this ultimately became the guiding light of my life.