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Edwina Marr
As a member of ACWW (Associated Countrywomen of the World) and Chairman of ACWW Projects Committee I was pleased to have been given the opportunity to take part in the Rabies training programme. ACWW are working in partnership with the Global Alliance for Rabies Control and are supporting the "Zero by 30" initiative to eradicate canine-mediated rabies deaths globally by 2030.
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Isaiah Perez
Ziggs Studios is ready to help fight against the Rabies Virus
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Esther Kahuuga
Rabies is fatal Let's endeavour to vaccinate our pets
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Robinah SARAH Nakabuye
If we work together we can end Rabies!
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Jean-Christophe SHAKO
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Melkor Sackie
Together we can eliminate or control rabies, so to everyone please make sure to vaccinate your pets every year on world rabies day, always remember the one health platform in that ,when your pets are save you are save together with your family ,let this massage reach all over the world , my people let us take this campaign very seriously and make sure that even our neighbors pets / pet can be vaccinated , once more together we can end rabies by 2030, thanks
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Ibrahima KOUMA
We must all be committed to eradicating rabies from our environment. No one should suffer through the loss of a loved one and an animal to rabies.
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Shahzaib Shafai
Be the voice for the voiceless. End Rabies by Vaccinating these innocent souls #TeamSAVERS
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Ali hassan
Untill one has loved an animal, one's soul remains unawakened *#Team SAVERS*
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Syed Faizan Ali SHAH
A wealth of information taught through this REC course. This course really provide insights and strong fundamentals of rabies which are must for everyone specifically dog owners and veterinary students. Excellent course, Highly recommended!!!!!! #TeamSAVERS
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Muhammad Abdul rafi
Spread peace , Spread awareness , Be alert and Be alive . Together we can end RABIES . #Team SAVERS
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Mariyum Asif
Don't Limit your challanges, challange your Limits🌸 #TeamSAVERS