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Domestic Dogs are mostly responsible for the transmission of rabies virus to humans. Create a safer environment for your family and community by vaccinating your pets today . Ask me for help
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Prevention is avoidance .Together we can work to fight against the spread of Rabies to both our animals and human life This will also keep us and maintain the security which we get from animal Pets Rabies Control surely makes pet family to fill warmth and comfortable ,without fear of any danger happening With Rabies control our pets life is maintained and achieve more.Rabies control means preserving lifes
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Be kind to all creatures ,this is the true religion Buddha
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Part of being a responsible pet owner is having your perts regularly vaccinated. Prevention is key!
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Merci à docteur haïfa rezagui de m’avoir proposé de passer le certificat du garc afin d’enrichir mes connaissances sur la rage et pour lutter principalement contre l’abattage des chiens errants .
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It's a responsibility of every rabies Educator to keep on spreading knowledge in community. Together we can eliminate rabies by awareness and vaccination.
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CDC experts say there are 59,000 rabies related deaths worldwide each year. Don't be a statistic. Help fight against that spread of this deadly yet preventable disease by vaccinating your pets today!
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Потратьте один час своей жизни, запишитесь на приём в ветеринарную клинику и вакцинируйте своё животное против бешенства. ГБУВ МО "Терветуправление №2" +7(495) 668-01-25
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A small step towards eradication of the most fatal virus known to human kind !
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By bringing together individuals, communities, organisations, and governments, we can put an end to people dying from this preventable disease.
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Animals are not a threaten to viral infection which is transmissible to human if we are responsible furparents. Let's get our pets vaccinated and let's love them like our very family